WeChat for Samsung

WeChat for Samsung

Wechat Messenger for Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, wechat for¬†Samsung Galaxy S4,¬†Samsung Galaxy S5, Wave, Samsung¬†Galaxy¬†Note 2,¬†Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, Young, wechat Messenger¬†for¬†Samsung¬†Galaxy¬†Note 3,¬†Samsung¬†Galaxy¬†S3¬†mini, … and other devices.

Samsung Company is based in South Korea and it is the top #1 manufacturer of smartphones in the world, nearly 31% in the global smartphone market (2013). Competitors are Nokia and Apple, with their Lumia series and iphone smartphones.

Check out our list of featured Samsung smart phone models:


ace nxt


note 4




pro duos

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