Reasons why you need WeChat App

Reasons why you need WeChat App

WeChat app is a new generation messaging application that uses the Internet connectivity to transmit messages from the mobile phone devices that makes it virtually a free service with advantage of being accessible even on the go. This was made possible with the development of Smartphone and tablets which has transformed the way we communicate and keep in touch with our social circles.

WeChat app is now gaining popularity and more people are now using it to contact their loved ones for quite a lot of reasons. Enumerated below are some reasons why you need WeChat app as part of you communication gadgets.

It is a Mobile News Reading App

Media organizations that operate subscription accounts on WeChat can send out daily digest to their subscribers. This is an easy way to be updated with news cycle just by following a few choice accounts. WeChat app can also be used to save articles by users for them to view same later within WeChat, in a clean format that is not interrupted by cluttered sidebars and noisy ads. WeChat app allows you read articles in a visually pleasing format and you can share the article read within and outside of WeChat.

WeChat App is a Blogging Platform

In China where WeChat app originated from, nearly anyone can register for a public account even though the international versions of this app have thus been very selective about what entities qualify for a public account. Consequently, there a lot of bloggers in China that use WeChat app as their most important channel for publishing posts.

It is Your New Online Storefront

WeChat offers two types of public accounts, which are service and subscription accounts. Holders of both service and subscription accounts can apply for verification once they have reached more than 500 followers. Account holders will gain access to more extensive set of customizable APIs, once the application is processed.

In many cases, these accounts are being opened by small and large businesses to sell their goods and services since WeChat charges no fee or a minimal fee. Once the account is opened, you can then build your online store around it where you will display your wares for subsequent promotion.

It is Your Mobile Wallet

Without any doubt, WeChat app is an advanced messaging app and a marketing tool. However, this application is still in its infancy, when it comes to e-commerce, even though it is growing quickly. Chinese user of WeChat app can link their bank cards to the app and start completing monetary transactions, after launching the WeChat Payments as part of the update for the app. With this development, WeChat users can buy many things online.

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