WeChat App is your Best Alternative

WeChat App is your Best Alternative

WeChat app is your best alternative because it is a multi-purpose messaging app that will ensure effective communication. The popularity of WeChat app was actually established in 2010. With about five million users in 2011, the users of WeChat app had increased to 300 million by January 2013, going by the report of Tech In Asia.

WeChat app is one of the many Asian applications that have transformed the messaging industry. It supports a wide range of languages, thereby making it popular among quite a lot of non-English speaking Android users. WeChat app also supports group conferences, voice messages, social network plug-ins and lots more, apart from text-based messaging.

WeChat app comes with astonishing collection of features. With this application, users can host group chats, hold live chats with friends, scan for strangers nearby to talk to and lots more. It was also reported that WeChat could feature more new advanced shopping characteristics in the near future and this could be a massive potential revenue generator for Tencent.

WeChat app

One great thing about WeChat app is that all its elements are free, which is why it has been soaring in popularity all over the world. You can download WeChat for free on Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android and iPhone and communicate with your friend and families. This free application will allow you call and text and call with videos and also give voice messaging for free.

WeChat app has more users because it is private, easy, fast and reliable to use. Send photos and videos, make calls with clear video and voice, group chat, import contacts and receive push notifications easily and without stress. Download the WeChat app now and connect cheerfully and easily.

The development of WeChat app has made it one of the major players in the messaging terrain and also one of the strongest options if your existing service is about to end. This application is supported by Tencent – one of the largest Internet providers worldwide.

WeChat app allows voice messages, voice and video calls along any usual multiplatform messaging features including videos, images and texts over your WiFi or data plan. In addition, there are many animated similes that may be useful under certain circumstances available. The application supports all languages and Facebook Connect option.

Considering what WeChat app has to offer, selecting it for day to day business and communication will be your best alternative. It comes with all the features required for easy communication and everything about it is free.

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